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A Weeping Angels inspired horror game for SteamVR. You'll have to have a HTC Vive to play!

Official Subreddit (for dev videos and such):


Let's Play

Known bugs:

  • The green light goal sometimes does not trigger the end of the game.
  • If your headset is on the floor when starting the game you may fall through the level.
  • The monsters push each other around corners. It's not their fault, they are just happy they can move and want to spread that joy.

Update log:


  • Removed prototype textures
  • Lowered ceiling height
  • Fixed floating monster bug
  • Fixed flipped monster face bug


  • Fixed success trigger
  • Made game instructions clearer.

Whipped this game up after this request:


More information

Published59 days ago
TagsHorror, steamvr, vive, vr
Average durationA few minutes
InputsHTC Vive
Player countSingleplayer


DontBlink_64_v0.3.zip (32 MB)
DontBlink_v0.3.zip (31 MB)


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It took me a looong while before I dared to record this but I finally did it!
And it was good! Real good! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

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I wish every VR game had a non-VR mode. It's like an entire genre of games are being made exclusively for the few Let's Players who forked over the cash for VR sets. I literally know zero people IRL who have delved into VR yet. This looks interesting, and I love Doctor Who.


You have a point. This game probably has value in non-vr mode and it would be fun, but watch the videos. Those reactions are real, and they would not happen if you were playing on a 2d monitor. My heart jumped out of my chest the first few rounds. That aspect is huge, and completely lost outside of VR. It's with good reason the game was made with that in mind. I was the first of my IRL buddies to take the plunge (drop $ as you mentioned) into VR. For my friends who have the space and funds needed, I'm dumbfounded that they won't take the plunge. Only one has, and he agrees 100%.


I've watched the videos and understand the benefits and appeal of VR, but none of that is really relevant, because all I wish is that VR games came with a non-VR mode so more people could enjoy them instead of watching *rich* people on youtube run around with gear on their heads, because that's pretty much the only audience right now. This is not a new concept. Loads of games offer options that "degrade" the experience just for the sake of making the 'experience' available to more people in general. This is why games have graphics options. "It's so much better in VR, though!" is a pretty weak reason.

If I was making a game, I'd want people to actually play it, not watch the YouTube videos just because that's the only place most people can experience VR right now. Maybe that's just me.

And I can't help but ask—if a game relies that much on VR for an enjoyable experience...is it really the game that people are watching, or the VR?